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Taper roller bearings consist of an inner ring, outer ring, taper rollers, and cage.
Spherical roller bearings permits angular rotation about a central point in two orthogonal directions.

The production and delivery of top-brand-bearing items are controlled by India, which has many suppliers. The production of bearings has consistently improved for many years as a direct response to the growing demand for bearings in a variety of industries, including the automobile, water pump, and fan industries. Ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and others are just a few of the bearings that India imports in significant amounts.

Among several companies, NBP is the finest cylindrical roller bearing company not only in India but all over the world. They are known for delivering high-precision, seamless solutions that are exceptional and of the greatest caliber in today’s industry standard. Being a top-notch manufacturer, NBP is an industry leader in the manufacturing of a variety of bearings.

What do you understand by cylindrical roller bearing?

Cylindrical bearings are straight in length on both the outside and the inside. And they sit perfectly within the structure. Bearings like these are utilized to provide support for spinning components and to allow movement seamlessly. Cylindrical bearings are easy to install because their easy design only requires a simple press connection. It reduces the chances of any damage occurring during the installation process. They are thin, which saves space and reduces weight, and the diameters of the cylindrical bearings can differ depending on the application and the customer's requirements.

Bearings with exceptional functionality are what NBP manufactures. Being a Cylindrical Roller Bearing Company, it is known as the leading manufacturer of bearings for use in a variety of businesses all over the globe. Outer and inner rings, rectangular rollers, and a cage are the components that make up each of our bearings. They are an excellent choice for the various equipment that operate at fast velocities and are subject to significant rotational pressures.

Our goal has always been to supply our clients with completely integrated solutions. These solutions include Research and Development, Manufacturing Evaluation and Testing, and an after-sales facility that is unparalleled in its area.

Applications and Uses

Their uses are numerous. Mining, the production of oil, the creation and transfer of electricity, the preparation of cement, the breaking of gravel, and the reprocessing of metal are examples of it. Some cylindrical roller bearings are used in pulp and paper machinery, rolling mills, rotating dryers, rubber blending equipment, and briquetting devices. Others are utilized in traction motors, pumps, compressors, fans, gearboxes, clutches, plastics machinery, building equipment, breakers, and electric motors.

Why choose NBP Cylindrical roller bearing?

NBP is a reliable resource for conducting research, developing products, and making purchases at every level of the process.


Diverse Expertise

Because of our huge experience, we have a solid understanding of the difficulties you may experience. If you choose to work with us, our NBP engineering team will be able to examine your systems and make certain that the bearing and the components that enfold it are maximized for both performance and cost-effectiveness.


Assistance with Technological Support

Installation and maintenance, as well as technical assistance, consultative services, and after-sale care, are all part of the routine NBPS service.



NBP takes the customers' unique requests and specifications extremely carefully at all times. Every time, we work hard to ensure that our consumers make the most amount of money possible.

We make a wide range of CRB. Here are some of our variants:


NBP provides solutions for Bearing Services

Bearing services and solutions are what set NBP apart from the vast majority of other bearing providers, even though the company keeps countless products in storage and is ready to dispatch at any moment. The following are examples of the professional bearing services that we offer to our customers:

What Makes NBP a Unique Cylindrical Roller Bearing Company?

By applying plain bearings and surface engineering technologies, NBP, better known as the renowned cylindrical roller bearing company, contributes to building a world of motion that imposes a minimum amount of frictional loss. Our possibilities are practically limitless, and this is large because we operate on a worldwide scale and have an abundant experience in a variety of particular application areas. We are committed to expanding the scope of what is possible in hopes of inspiring our customers in all marketplaces to collaborate and innovate with us.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance, and we will have one of our specialists get in touch with you as soon as possible. Get in touch with us to know about our Spherical roller bearings India too!

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